Adult Jacobs for Sale
We offer a selection of good, healthy, fertile adult ewes for sale. Our purpose for selling them is to allow us to add ewe lambs to our flock without increasing flock size. Additional ewes might be added as we progress through summer and into fall.

We offer the possibility of holding the ewes for pick-up as bred ewes in December, at the end of the breeding season. Such an arrangement to hold the ewes will require a food-faith commitment to purchase.

Please contact us ( if you have questions and/or wish to express interest in one or more of the ewes.

Hillside Mona Lisa's Natalie (registration number:C184-17)
Hillside Stitch's Maxine (registration number: E039-19)
Hillside Minerva's Juno (Not yet registered)

Hillside Charity's Faith (registration number: F019-19)
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