Welcome to Hillside Farm, home of Hillside Jacob Sheep. Visit us via these photos, which reflect our farm in different seasons.

Overlooking a Michigan corn field at sunset
Hillside Farm during winter
Sunrise over Hillside Farm

Two former Californians made a new friend during their first Michigan winter.
April wildflowers growing in ram pen, a sign that Spring finally is here.
Dixie, our farm dog and the best kind of dog in the world.....a free dog.

Shearing Day 2009: Dianne working on the new skirting table.
Springtime at Hillside Farm: locust trees are in bloom.
Jacob weathervane on each of our two barns.

New barn resulting from not having built the original new barn large enough.
Postcard-worthy photo taken during fall 2009's first snow storm.
Hillside Farm sign installed November 2010.

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