Jacobs For Sale
We were glad to see our 2018 lambs go to new homes in Michigan and other states in the Midwest and East. In addition to the lambs that were sold, we added eight ewe lambs and two ram lambs to our breeding flock.

Our 2019 lambs will be born during the last week in March and the first few weeks in April. We have breeding dates for more than 30 ewes that were bred to a selection of five different rams. We anticipate a good lamb crop, and with our diversity of breedings expect to be able to assemble small flocks of several ewes and an unrelated ram.

Check this page in early June, when we will post lamb photos taken at 2 months of age, when the lambs may be weaned and go to new homes.

We expect to have for sale also a selection of adult ewes after they have weaned their lambs.

Visitors are welcome to see our flock! Please contact us by e-mail (gbanderson@ucdavis.edu) or cell phone (616/514-9343).

We have bred Jacobs since the early 1990s and are proud of our flock and the lambs we offer for sale.

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