Jacobs For Sale
We thank the people who purchased our 2015 Jacob lambs. Our 2015 breeding season began on November 1 to produce lambs that will be born April 2016. Please contact us (gbanderson@ucdavis.edu) if you wish to have your name added to our list of people to be contacted when our 2016 lambs are ready to go to new homes.

Currently, we have two adult ewes for sale, both proven by having produced and raised twins. The one in the photo is registered; the other will be sold non-registered, although she was born to registered parents and is purebred. Both were bred to lamb in April. Purchase of a bred ewe will include a sire form required to register next year's lambs. Please contact us for details.

Hillside Ivory's Paula (reg. no. G001-09).

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