Jacobs For Sale
All of our Jacob lambs born during April 2014 have been sold or added to our flock. Our 2014 breeding season to produce our 2015 lambs will begin November 1 and continue until approximately December 15, again producing lambs born in April. Three registered Jacob sires will be used during the upcoming breeding season, and we expect to be able to assemble starter flocks of ewe lambs and an unrelated ram lamb from our 2015 lambs. If you wish to have your name added to our waiting list of folks interested to buy Jacob lambs, please contact us by telephone (616-514-9343) or by e-mail (gbanderson@ucdavis.edu).

We do offer for sale at this time a yearling Jacob ewe born in April 2014. She is available now or may be purchased as a bred ewe to be picked up during mid-December. Her photo is posted below. Please contact us for details.

Hillside Jackie, registered yearling ewe.

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